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Kanr Legal document creation

Bundle Offers Available

NDAs, Supplier Agreements

Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions

Bespoke Legal Document Creation

NDAs, Supplier Agreements, Terms and Conditions. Contracts and legal documents need to be valid and enforceable to protect your business.

KANR Legal will create bespoke documents for your business.

Comprehensive Company Secretarial Services

There’s a growing pressure for companies to be transparent and accountable. Our company secretarial services include corporate governance consulting, board support, ensuring compliance with law, regulation, codes of practice and much more. 

  • Provision of suitably qualified  Company Secretary

  • Maintenance of statutory registers

  • Preparing Confirmation Statements and other statutory documents

  • Board and Shareholder meeting support and administration

  • Appointment and removal of directors

Kanr Comprehensive Company Secretarial
Kanr General Legal

General Assistance

Review Of Documents

Legal Research

General Legal Support Services

We provide general assistance to support you with some of the more everyday but no doubt time consuming business needs. We offer assistance with review of documents, due diligence, legal research, drafting and more.

This service aims to help free up your time so you can think about the more important things in your business.

UK GDPR & Data Protection Officer Services

Ensure your company is consistently compliant with international data protection laws, and help keep your data safe with our GDPR consultancy service or by appointing us as your external Data Protection Officer.

  • Gap analysis to assess your compliance with UK GDPRA

  • ICO approved Data Protection Officer

  • Draft GDPR compliance documents

  • Website copy review and amendment

  • GDPR training for your staff

  • Data breach support and handling of data queries

Startup team
Kanr Business Start Up

Start- Up team

Provide Best Legal Structure

Draft Any Documents

Business Start Up

Whether you have dreams of starting up your own business or forming a partnership with your best friend, we can help.

We will help you decide the best legal structure for your new venture, identify the legalities you’ll need to consider, and draft any documents you may need before you begin.

Our dedicated Start-Up team will remain on hand during your first year of trading to support you whilst taking your first steps in the business world.

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